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Shōko watches Karada do laundry: Layout and Roughs
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 6/13/2018
Ep. 5, cut 61. Because Karada is used to carrying out basic house chores for her big brother, she shifts to the job of vacuuming and doing the laundry without a hitch. Shōko by contrast finds herself left with nothing to do but to watch this precocious child perform the normal household routine of a dutiful wife. Here she’s watching grimly from the sidelines while Karada hangs up the clean clothes to air-dry.

This set did preserve the early stages of sketching, including the layout, Episode Animation Director Sumie Kinoshita’s rough, and a complete rough shuusei by Senior AD Ikuko Itō. That image, which became the basis of the genga, is featured above. Notice the characteristic “T⅔” (= “shuusei”) label that is a trademark of Itō’s sketches.

The very impressionistic layout is added in the first thumb. That includes an anatomical issue that caused a problem in Kinoshita’s rough (second thumb): notice that in both Karada’s left arm is out of proportion and seemingly too short. Also, the facial expression is undeniably cute -- so sure of what she’s doing! -- but the little tyke doesn’t look like Karada! Both issues are expertly handled in Itō’s correction: the face now is right and the elbow hangs down farther and putting the arm into proportion with the rest of Karada’s body.

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