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Karada looks at the sea
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 6/3/2018
Updated 6/3/2018
Her chores finished for the morning, Karada has come out to an place on top of the cliffs overlooking the beach below and sits there for a while, reflecting over what she had experienced at the same place, not so long ago, as a little girl. She stares down at the ocean for a long time, her hair blowing in the sea breeze, as she begins to smile gently, lost in her memories.

Then, in a part of the cut not imaged, she slowly rises to walk down to the beach.

This broken set contained the gengas, genga shuuseis, and dougas (a fat pack, animating the wind in Karada’s hair and her slow rise from her seat). Sadly, it lacked the timing sheet and layouts, so I cannot identify the cut number. However, it come in shortly before the next set, which takes place just after the girl-grown-big arrives at the beach.

Featured above is the genga for the opening image. I’ve added the genga shuusei in the first thumb, which reworks Karada’s eyes in a thorough way. Given the number of animation directors involved in this episode, I cannot identify this artist by name, but notice how the sequence numbers are enclosed in little ovals with points, resembling dialogue bubbles. This is a distinctive practice for this animator, and I notice that the same quirk is found in a rough for Cut 136 and Cut 139, which follow shortly. (See the first thumbnails.) So the same artist handled these three cuts and presumably this entire scene.

The second thumb adds the partial B3 genga with the gentle smile Karada develops as she looks at the sea.

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