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Mayuko kicks NieA’s UFO
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1 END
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Added 5/23/2018
Updated 5/23/2018
Ep. 4 (Alien and a Beginner Waitress Bath), cut 49. Returning home one day, Mayuko is shocked to find that NieA has begun to build a new UFO out of pieces of scavenged junk. In a rage, she kicks the contraption, making an empty tin can fall off. To make matters worse, she finds that the can had contained the tinned fish she’d saved for herself in a secret place for a hungry day. NieA had found it, consumed the treat, and left Mayuko a sarcastic thank-you note.

This longish sketch set featured a detailed image of NieA’s botched-together UFO: the A1 END genga is featured above. That was photocopied twice on the back of sheets from an unidentified anime so that one of the art directors could give detailed directions on how to colorize the various parts of this ramshackle contraption. These are added as thumbnails to this image. For Mayuko’s part in this cut, move ahead to the next items.

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