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Karada at the Wishing Shrine
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A7, A15
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Added 5/21/2018
Updated 5/21/2018
Cut 12. A little surprised by the little girl’s solemn look, the woman (her name is Shōkō, we soon learn), thinks a moment, then says, “Oh, so you have to keep your wish secret?” And at that the little girl turns her head more fully and breaks into a broader smile. In spite of her reticence, she’s shared something important with her fellow, and they are no longer strangers. It’s no surprise that we soon see Shōkō kneeling beside Karada, also praying for a secret wish of her own.

The mood is playful, the older female’s reaction to the girl’s devotion is likable. But the kami to whom the shrine is dedicated is listening to both those wishes intently. As we soon learn, that mischievous deity is intrigued by the possibilities of the seemingly lighthearted moment. And so begins one of the finest 12-episode anime series, one that will show these two supplicants just what is involved in the wishes they are making: what they will gain when it is granted and, more importantly, what they will lose.

Again, I’ve selected only the A7 keyframe, with the genga featured above. The thumbs add 1) the last complete douga before this moment (where the sketches go partial), the A15, and 2) Senior AD Itō’s genga shuusei, scanned against the genga for reference.

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