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Mayuko’s Final Scream: A2 shuusei and A4E douga
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A2, A4E
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Added 2/23/2018
At the last step, episode animation director Yasuda revised the whole image, making it more complex in many ways: hair, shadows, the details of Mayuko’s now cavernous screaming mouth. You’ll see too from the screen cap that the coloring also becomes more luridly contrasting.

It’s interesting to speculate on why this image was elaborated so much at this point; I suspect that Yasuda started to think about how this image would be animated. Obviously using the genga image as an A2 END image would be a weak close to the sketch. And if Mayuko goes SD at this point, then animating her screaming in a naturalistic way won’t work either.

The A4E genga suggest how Yasuda thought this out: ordering three clones of this image, nearly but not completely identical, would not be an extravagant amount of animation work. And running them in quick alternation with each other would produce a SD image with an effective “quiver all over” dynamic to it. (Remember that Cut 135 above was originally designed to end with a long quivering SD image.) So making the image more complex actually creates more lines that will appear to tremble during the cut, making the viewer see and feel Mayuko’s scream as well as hearing the voice actress’s actual scream.

A fine ending to the scene and an appropriate farewell to this memorable character. And to see how this looked on the screen, move ahead one more step!

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