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Sango uses her Hiraikotsu: A3
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A3
Standard size

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Added 2/5/2018
Updated 3/21/2018
Oh, golly!

This sketch is a wonderful action moment, showing Sango rebounding from her landing and immediately taking hold of her weapon. It is worth comparing this with the genga (thumbnail), which is strong and noticeably more finished than the first two keyframes, but is oddly static. Keep in mind that Sango’s hair and costume would still be dropping down in the direction she came. That makes her sash billow up to the left.

But now this warrior’s got her feet under her, and she’s lifting her head and torso up in the opposite direction, a tension that the shuusei captures dead center. The tassels and the tip of her hair ruff are still flowing up as in the last frame. But as Sango rises up, and grabs her weapon, the tassels start to trend to the right. The body of her long pony tail is still headed to our right but are starting to "crack" like a whip as she pulls her head up the other way. Look at the hair and tassel in the genga: no clear direction of motion.

Also notice the eyes: in the featured shuusei they’re looking the audience square on, while in the genga they are rather cautiously glancing to the right. No, not Sango’s style....

I would love to be able to identify the shuusei artist. My gut says “Kumiko Takahashi,” as I get the exact same “Oh, golly!” reaction down there from shuusei sketches that this animator did for the CCS Movie 1 and for CCS TV Ep. 69. Both these cuts make their impact with the help of swishy tassels (and in Madoushi’s scene, prehensile swishy hair). This artist likewise has a clean but vibrant style that excels in action moments. And she frequently did complete shuuseis to replace keyframes that did not match what she wanted.

And Takahashi did work on Inuyasha, mostly as a gengaman, though she directed one TV episode and contributed to many of the OPs. If the artist is not she, then it must be someone who learned much from her substantial contribution to anime.

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