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Sango uses her Hiraikotsu: A4
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A4
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Added 2/5/2018
Updated 2/5/2018
And here Sango grabs the Hiraikotsu with her flexed right arm (she knows it’s there) and braces to send it whirling out toward the screen. Again the two make a telling comparison. The posture in this pose looks natural: she is taking a step forward to gather the energy needed to spin her weapon, and so the sash does not just flap to the side, but visibly floats behind her now. Her arm is stretched out to counterbalance the weight of the magic boomerang. The bottom tassel on that device, which was blowing up in the last frame (since the Hiraikotsu was still falling) now has shifted direction and shows the arm of the weapon starting to rotate up as Sango starts her move. And the eyes are still focused out toward the screen.

Now look at all these details in the genga. It’s a fine piece of work, but Sango appears to be twisting awkwardly, as if her weapon is hard to get hold of. The tassels on it are limp and the sash’s billow to the left is stiff. It’s “good enough” for many anime series, but the shuusei is animation genius.

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