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Sango uses her Hiraikotsu: Extras
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A5
Standard size

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Added 2/5/2018
The sketch set came with one final point of comparison between the genga artist and his or her supervisor: the layout (or perhaps layout correction) and the rough. The latter is featured above and shows the essential details of the final pose already well worked out (except that, as someone noticed, Sango’s legs are too slim and not muscular enough to execute the action).

The thumb adds the earlier layout version, using an even more extreme form of the “parallel lines” drawing strategy, which not only defines the approximate positions of Sango’s hands but also suggests the rocky cliff that backs the action. (The First Movie does indeed set the battle with the scorpion in a gorge with rocky cliffs behind the adventurers, which is likely why the seller thought it came from that scene).

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