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Maki Matsumoto: B5
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: B5, A1
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Added 2/4/2018
“It was a “Shot” card . . . and one of your classmates bought it . . . “ Maki-san says after a long thought. “But I don’t remember who it was . . .”

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Again, I’ve featured Makoto Koga’s fine shuusei genga, even though it is a partial, with the original genga in the first thumb. (Again: eyes too close together...) As I really enjoy the whimsical designs of the toys in Twin Bells, I could not help sharing the A1 genga with all the other plushy toys on the shelves. The bride and groom penguins are particularly engaging, as is the grumpy dog and penguin on the top shelf glaring at each other. One always wonders if these aren’t intended to be caricatures of people the animators knew well, perhaps other artists or directors with whom they worked.

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