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Noelle practices flying on the school roof (daytime)
Source: TV
Layers: 6
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A1
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Book Cel
Original Matching Background

Added 2/2/2018
Ep. 12, cut 210. Ruka, Noelle, and Nekhbet continue their preparations on the ridge of the schoolhouse roof. The scene shows the sun beginning to set behind them (though, oddly, the clock reads 5 PM). This one, like two others in my collection, appears during the inset song “Mission school no momi no ki.”

The artboard (see thumbnails) shows the schoolhouse and clock tower from the side, and notes confirm that two backgrounds were created from this sketch (which is heavily scored by the artist, who used this simple method to prepare the sheet of watercolor paper for painting). The nighttime version was Cut 91 and this one is Cut 210. Step ahead one item for a closer look at the well-executed background with some of the cel layers removed to make it easier to view.

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