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Hiro warns Karada-chan to be careful: A2
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2
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Added 1/31/2018
Updated 1/31/2018
Then, as she realizes that Hiro is acting in her best interest, she closes her eyes, saying “Hai” (all right).

Here I’ve featured the excellent rough, probably by animation director Akiko Nakano. It became the basis of the genga (first thumb) with a few small tweaks (notably bigger eyelashes) that were made in a shuusei (second thumb) by the supervising animator, whom I’d expect to have been Shinya Hasegawa.

But look at the “T⅔” note on the lower right: that is the distinctive cursive “shuusei” was used by Ikuko Itou! One remembers that one of the “flashback” cuts in Ep. 2 (also part of Hasegawa’s assignment) likewise contained a shuusei with this immediately recognizable “T⅔,” so it seems as if Itou routinely reviewed such sequences.

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