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Nils and Carrot flying
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A30, A25
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No Background

Added 1/29/2018
This nice image of Nils (and Carrot) flying on Mǻrten came as part of a five-cel sequence showing the three adventurers in level flight, the perspective tightening quickly during the cut. It came with no identification, but the backsides of the cels were heavily overpainted with black paint, an indication that the cut involved an effect involving backlighting. (Otherwise, the light would shine through the pinholes inevitably left by the cel painter’s delicate work.) Therefore I’ve chosen an orange background suggesting a sunset rather than the more conventional blue-sky setting.

I’ve featured the A30, showing Mǻrten’s wings at full upswing, with the A25 (a key) showing the downswing in the first thumbnail. The douga for this cel is added in the second thumb. Move ahead one item to see all five cels in motion.

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