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Natsuki astonished by a time slip
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1, A3
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Added 11/10/2017
Updated 11/10/2017
Episode 23: Sakura Becomes Insane, cut 145. This episode involves Sakura suddenly disappearing from the scene, along with her children. When this happens, only Natsuki remembers that they exist. After a puzzling conversation in the Lamp Café, where Natsuki finds that nobody now seems to remember Sakura, Natsuki steps outside and is astonished to find that the world that she used to know has completely changed.

I’ve featured the A3 (end) genga here, with the A1 (start) keyframe in the first thumb. (A2 is an eyeblink.) The rather preliminary rough sketch for the A3 keyframe (second thumb) is likely by Atsuo Tobe [戸部 敦夫], animation director for this episode. As in my other sketch set from this episode, this sketch is broad and “cartoonish,” but Tobe (like Shinichirō Minimi, who also did very broad roughs for this series) was meticulous in supervising the work of his gengamen.

This set was unusual in including the post-genga shuuseis, which are partial but show this more careful approach to details. This is the A3 shuusei:

Compare this to the genga and screen cap and notice particularly the subtle and very effective touches around the pupils of Natsuki's eyes to make them deeper and more compelling.

A veteran of Slayers Try and El Hazard, Atsuo Tobe later served as animation director on Inuyasha, doing only three episodes, 5, 7, and 150 (which Dylan Acres feels was a shame, as his work on these was “solid”). You can see some of this work on Ep. 150 in the Inuyasha gallery. Tobe has more recently been seen as Animation Supervisor for the 2008 supernatural action series Kekkaishi and for the 2012 historical action series Kingdom, for which he also did character design.

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