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Tohru listens to her grandfather 1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 11/10/2017
Updated 9/27/2018
Episode 5 (A Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket), cut 245. Tohru has been invited back to the home of her grandfather, where she finds that her parents’ counterculture life has made her the butt of her relatives’ disdain. Here she is listening intently as her grandfather apologizes for his family’s tactless behavior. If there is another place for her to live, he suggests, she should go there and find room to spread her wings.

This is not a very dramatic cut, with Tohru standing still for a long time listening to this monologue. But complete sets of Furuba sketches are not common, since they were so routinely taken apart and sold item-by-item when the series was popular. So this set, which included the whole run of layouts, roughs, shuusei roughs, gengas and shuusei gengas, was worth obtaining to get insight into Studio Deen’s production process.

Featured above is a fine, colorful rough of this start keyframe, likely by the episode’s animation director, Haruo Sotozaki [外崎 春雄]. The thumbs add the copy layout that the rough corrected and the resulting genga.

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