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Inuyasha Ep. 142: Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudōshi

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Rengokuki’s martial arts attack 1
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Added 10/12/2017
Updated 10/12/2017
Cut 150. Other than belching energy balls, this oni’s weapon of choice is the naginata, or “halbard,” a long wooden pole tipped with a curved metal blade. The flashback scene continues with Rengokuki rehearsing a series of typical fighting moves with this weapon, beginning with an overhead “chop” and following with slashing moves in both directions.

This scene made use of the images in the layout and similar sketches done in the same style and likely by the same animator. The only major change is that the perspective zips in and out of the oni to give the cut a little extra helter-skelter energy. The featured image shows Rengokuki slashing down in what is likely a death blow for his opponent. The thumbs include the first and third images in this series, showing Rengokuki holding his weapon overhead, then a “brace” moment in which the oni centers his naginata in front before beginning his slashing move.

Note that the “brace” is stylistically similar to the others, but is entirely in graphite: perhaps the animator realized that to make the transition from the “chop” move to the “slash left” one, a warrior would need to bring the naginata up again before moving it laterally.

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