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Inuyasha Ep. 142: Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudōshi

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Rengokuki challenges Hakudōshi
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Added 10/11/2017
Updated 10/11/2017
Cut 125. At this point, the revived Hakudōshi appears. The oni disdainfully turns to him, saying “Who the hell are you,” and fires an energy ball from his mouth in his direction.

Featured is one of the very impressive layouts in this set, roughly sketched in pink colored pencil, then refined with touches of graphite. The result is surprisingly three-dimensional, considering the evident speed with which it was executed. I’d admired these layouts when I got them, and it was a surprise when I later screened the episode and found that nearly all of these poses were considerably revised during production, so that it was actually tricky to determine which cut as finally visualized went with which layout.

So while in the layout, Rengokuki appears to be looking straight ahead at Kagura, in fact, he turns slightly to his right (our left) to look at Hakudōshi who has showed up on that side. The rough sketch in the thumbnail, evidently one made while the animator was working on this cut, shows a move toward the final image.

In this case, the cut number on the layout, putting it between the two appearances of Kagura, was the key to fitting these two sketches together and identifying their context.

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