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Saito finishes the play
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1, A1.5, A2
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Added 9/14/2017
Episode 12, cut 274. Elder Jun follows the branch of the time/space tree toward his world, leaving the others, and suddenly awakens in the audience of the play Kirakishou had crashed. No time has elapsed, and Saito is still trying to calm down the two customers who are fighting for the doll. Finally, she suggests that there is a simple solution: the two could both buy it and get married. (Alas, the male customer is already married...)

Slowly coming back to his senses, Elder Jun remembers that his wish was for the play to be put back to normal, and time continue in his world as it would have. So he settles down and watches the event come to a successful end.

The early stages of animating this cut were not very interesting (the careful, fine-lined animator, I believe, handled this cut). So I’ve simply shared the gengas, which do a good job of presenting the silly but somehow authoritative earnestness of the store owner. The A1 start keyframe is featured, but the A1.5 and A2 frames (thumbnails) are worth visiting. During the cut, Saito opens her hands and holds up one finger before speaking her line, and the animators felt that, to make this motion smooth and natural, they needed one keyframe for the finger-pointing, and another for the spoken line, in which Saito pulls up her neck slightly. In the final animation, in fact, the A1.5 and A2 keyframes were cleaned up as the two last adjacent douga frames. Move ahead to see how this worked.

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