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Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen (Studio Deen, 2013), Eps. 1-9

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Elder Jun trapped in Kirakishou’s thorny web
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Added 9/5/2017
Episode 9, cut 225. With time stopped in Elder Jun’s world, and Kirakishou given a physical body, the baddie assails Shinku and Suigintou. At one point, Elder Jun, wrapped up in the villain’s thorny “tentacles,” suddenly realizes that this catastrophe is the result of his unwise decision to build a second doll after he has revived Shinku. The cut shows him rising into the frame, first with his back to us, then turning around, distraught at having caused this crisis.

Featured above is an effective genga of the end keyframe of this cut. The thumbs include two earlier versions, the typically less effective layout (which makes the briar tentacles look too much like normal baddies’ rope) and the more impressive rough. That shows a “scribbly” approach, especially in Jun’s hair and the contours of his shoulders, that is quite at odds with the more carefully detailed sketches that I tentatively attribute to Akiko Matsuo , the senior animation director of Ep. 9.

So I’m tempted to think that this rough is the work of his partner, Akihito Asai [浅井 昭人, also Eps. 1, 5, and 13]. A prolific gengaman (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Vampire Knight Guilty, When they Cry - Higurashi) Asai has also taken the episode animation role in both Is This a Zombie and the reprise Is This a Zombie? of the Dead.

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