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Copy Shinku gets a present
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: B1
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Added 9/5/2017
Ep. 7, Cut 186. Shinku senses that Elder Jun, the maker of her temporary body, is acting strangely and demands to know why. In reply, he silently hands her a wrapped present.

This nice portrait of Copy Shinku underwent several changes before it arrived at the genga stage (featured above). The first was this rather glum, stupid image in the layout:

This was considerably improved in the colorful rough included in the first thumbnail, most likely by the episode’s senior animation director, Akiko Matsuo, whose fine-lined attention to detail is also in evidence in the rough for the next item, as well as for several items from Episode 10, which he also oversaw (see next gallery). However, you’ll notice that in the rough Shinku looks a bit irritated, which makes sense given the grumpy look in the layout above. However, a supervisor, likely the series animation director Kyuta Sakai, has completely reworked this expression in a shuusei on light green paper (second thumb). That tones down Shinku’s look quite a bit (and readjusts virtually every part of her hair and costume) so that she simply looks very curious and a little surprised. The genga featured above was the result.

As well she might: she’s applied the same kind of imperious attitude toward her medium’s alter ego as she did to Younger Jun. So why is her “servant” suddenly giving her a present? And it is worth noting that the whole series replaces the fiery personalities of the Season 1 Maidens with kinder, gentler versions, so it is not surprising that the gift makes Shinku go very thoughtful in this scene, even (dare I say) a bit sentimental? (See the discussion on the next item on this.)


Episode 7 was directed by Taro Kubo [久保 太郎], who also assisted overall series director Mamoru Hatakeyama in two crucial episodes later in the series (Eps. 11 and 13, the finale). Kubo is a relative newcomer to anime, his first credits coming in 2004 for directing an episode of Destiny of the Shrine Maiden. His most significant work has been directing 15 episodes of Mainichi Kaa-san aka Mom’s Life, a 2009 slice-of-life comedy for young audiences (142 episodes, Studio Gallop 2009-12).

Animation direction was by Akiko Matsuo [松尾 亜希子, also Eps. 10 and 13]. An experienced and wide-ranging gengaman (Death Note, Kobato, Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos), Matsuo has of late gotten a number of episode animation direction assignments in series ranging from Is This a Zombie to Vampire Knight Guilty. He was assisted by Chiaki Abe [阿部 千秋, also Ep. 13] and Shōta Tsukuyama [also Ep. 11]. Without more sketches, it is difficult to attribute work specifically, but the roughs that I have from Eps. 7 and 10 share so many stylistic features, especially a very fine pencil line and attention to details, that I think most if not all of them are Matsuo’s work.

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