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Suigintou getting squirted
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 8/31/2017
Updated 8/31/2017
Episode 06, cut 198. To distract the melancholy Shinku, Suigintou grabs a shower nozzle and sprays her, claiming that she is only investigating the mirror’s properties. In return, Shinku grabs the nozzle and drenches her rival, and the dispute turns into a free-for-all water fight.

This cut is more complicated than the last, involving six keyframes and 18 frames as Suigintou first tries to dodge the spray of water, and then leaps out of the frame. Unfortunately, all the dougas in this fat sketch pack were partials, with Suigintou’s hair animated on a separate layer from her body and a layer of water drops overlying both. Move to the next item to get a sense of the animation from the gengas, which were complete.

Here I’ve featured the nice rough, done again by the “orange pencil” animator. The layout it corrected is in the first thumb: it showed Suigintou looking to the left, but the animator give the cut more immediacy by showing the doll looking directly straight ahead, presumably watching Shinku turn the shower on her. The sakkan’s effort is a fine one (note the “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” note appears again) but it was answered by a near complete shuusei on light green paper (second thumb, by senior AD Sakai, I believe). That mostly deals with Suigintou’s complex costume.


One of the perverse joys of the first season of Rozen Maiden is that Suigintou is totally, unredeemably malicious, and thus she proves more than a match for Shinku. It’s Jun who faces her down and makes Shinku’s victory possible. The villainess perishes in the final episode in an unforgettably horrible way, and yet her demise raises not one regret, not one bit of pity in this viewer’s mind. Somehow, though, the studio managed to put her back together in time for the sequel season, where she continues to battle with Shinku, along with the new bad boss Barasuishou. Inevitably, the result is anticlimax.

In the Zurückspulen telling, the fraud Barasuishou is replaced by the true seventh doll Kirakishou, who was never given physical form and so seeks to incarnate herself by robbing the other Maidens of their doll bodies. Thus Shinku and Suigintou become her chosen prey, making them brittle allies in the fight to survive. And so the wholly depraved villainess of Season 1 is replaced by a more conflicted and ultimately more (sigh!) sympathetic character.

Thus the current scene, in which Suigintou splashes Shinku not out of spite but to draw her attention away from her anxieties. And the water fight that ensues is something that the “spoiler” Suiseiseki would eagerly start in Season 1 for comic relief. But I cannot imagine that the evil antagonist of that story arc would have been satisfied by splashing Shinku back. Rather she’d use her crow feathers to create zombie-doll minions out of the bath sponges, razors, and washcloths and try to flush her enemy down the toilet. But perhaps with the other worlds now invaded by Kirakishou, Suigintou doesn’t have her power reserves in Elder Jun’s world?

Frankly I’m not won over, nor do I find Kirakishou a scarier antagonist, albino briar vines and all. Still, Rie Tanaka continues her virtuoso embodiment of the character, and I do enjoy a well crafted pencil-on-paper sketch of the baroque spendor of Suigintou’s costume.

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