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Shinku hears Hinaichigo through the mirror: Reanimation
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 10
Cel Number: A1, A4-A10
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Added 8/29/2017
Updated 8/29/2017

With the help of the timing sheet, I’ve reanimated the dougas in a faithful way, omitting only the mouth layers for the dialog. Shinku holds her A1 pose for one and one-third second, then the A4-A10 dougas come in “on threes” (an eighth of a second each), with the final pose (with dialog) held for the remaining one and one-twelfth second. Simple -- and yet watch how every part of Shinku’s body moves forward, then reacts to her hitting the solid surface of the mirror with a jolt. Making that look realistic took real animation craft, especially as we do not see the mirror’s surface, so we can’t use that to interpret the action.

In fact, from the simpler layout version of the action, it looks as if the animators did consider making the mirror’s surface fleetingly visible:

I’ve added two of the layouts as thumbs to this item so you can see the effect the studio considered, then rejected. (I’ve airbrushed the annotations out of the animated version, but you can see that there was a fair amount of chatter over the decision.)

Ah, but see how much weaker this is than the version featured at the top of the page. In the layout version, Shinku’s hair barely moves, while in the final footage, it sags as she begins her move, comes forward with her, then rebounds, two frames after Shinku’s hands hit the mirror’s surface. And notice that her right hand hits the mirror first, then (a frame later) her left hand.

Watch it again and again, and you’ll begin to understand the skill with which the animator executed this simple cut, which in the broadcast episode is here and gone in a flash.

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