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Chiaki and Mayuko on the roof 2
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: C2, A4, C3
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Added 8/28/2017
Updated 7/28/2022
The conversation goes on from here for quite a while, as Mayuko talks about the sad possibility that the bath house will soon disappear as well, sold out to another buyer. But, she adds, Kotomi has advised her not to worry about such a possibility, but simply to enjoy the time we have here as it flows past. “So we are all more energetic than before,” she concludes. Chiaki considers this, then brightens up herself, commenting, “You’re a really strong person, Mayuko,” which makes her friend blush and laugh nervously.

This part is presented from the same perspective as in the previous part, and so it was worked up as part of the same cut. I’ve featured the funny C2 Mayuko genga alone (the shuusei in this case was partial), with the shuusei for the A4 Chiaki keyframe added in the first thumb. The second thumb adds the shuusei for the C3 Mayuko keyframe, which shows her making a bashful shut-eyes smile that was a signature expression for yoshitoshi ABe. (Hikaru in Haibane Renmei was famous for this bashful look.)

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