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OP: Old Home (Background)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Copy Matching Background

Added 6/11/2017
This is, like other backgrounds from Office F&O rilezu, a very fine laser-printed reproduction, produced from a scan provided by Studio Radix. As the original has presumably been destroyed, I share a solo scan of it to give a sense of what Haibane Renmei artwork looked like. This one, grandly oversized like the cel it backed, shows the rather grim Victorian-era workhouse feel to this set of apartments that the Haibane have homesteaded as their dwelling in this world. With no decorations on the façade (except vines trailing up the side), it really has the feel of a hospital or student dormitory. But the Haibane are making it livable by degrees: notice the rather slapdash way in which it is being electrified, with a simple light to provide a little welcome to night travelers.

This scan has been cropped to show the fully painted part of the background. The first thumb gives a view of the entire sheet so you can see more of the artist’s technique, painting first in bold strokes of basic colors, then adding more subtle touches to add texture and color. Notice the way in which the light hitting Old Home is yellowed in spots, to give the impression that this scene is taking place by dawn’s early light.

The second thumb adds a snapshot of the whole setup, complete with the mat with Office F&O’s certificate of authenticity. Notice that (as usual) to replicate the screen grab, I’ve had to place the cel high up on the background, and angle it a little, as you can see by how much of the bg shows at the bottom of the mat.

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