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Kohaku Asks Sango to Wait a Moment: Roughs
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Added 4/11/2017
This is the “spactacles” rough that we can confidently attribute to animation director Shokō Ikeda, and which shows the same clean, elegant quality of other sketches with either this or the Ep. 128 “Shokō” stamp. It is interesting to compare this with the autograph layout featured previously: while in other cases the artwork is so similar that it seems clear that the layouts and roughs were done by the same artist, in this case the two show quite different styles. It’s interesting, for example, that Ikeda’s rough makes Sango much more feminine in profile, and simplifies the pose by hiding her right hand and the strap to the Hiraikotsu (the little inset sketch justifies this by showing Sango’s pose as seen from the front). The approach to Sango’s eyes also seems quite different, and more affecting in Ikeda’s rough than in the layout artist’s work (and Kirara also seems more visibly puzzled too).

To the thumbnails I’ve added two more roughs. The first is an early version of Kohaku’s profile as he talks to the others, which I think from the similar handwriting must be Ikeda’s response to the layout. The second is just a “chicken-scratch” genzu on pink paper (Ishihara?) showing the animator how Kohaku will whisk off the scene to the left.

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