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Inuyasha Ep. 142: Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudōshi

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Rengokuki destroys his demonic opponents
Source: TV
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Added 4/11/2017
Updated 10/11/2017

Cut 149. The animator, in fact, planned to show the oni annihilating a whole crowd of demons, the fireball belch expanding over the length of a pan shot. This really impressive image is reminiscent of Picasso’s “Guernica,” especially the demon whose elastic neck is entering the frame on the left.

Alas, like the previous cut, the studio made this cut much easier to animate by having Rengokuki spit CGI-generated glowing blobs, that make their targets (such as the absurd worm demon) disintegrate when hit. The screen shot below show the oni’s rather impressive pose kept nearly intact but the cut is far weaker in every other aspect. Fortunately, it flies by, pan and all, in a fraction of a second.

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