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Sango attacks Miroku
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Added 3/18/2017
Updated 8/19/2017
Ep. 132. A series of well designed action scenes form the climax of the action, and when Miroku manages to knock away her sword, she activates a switchblade in her right arm and continues her assault. This sequence shows her final attack, during which the plucky priest takes a serious wound but manages to knock loose the salamander egg that is the source of her murderous rage.

This set, made up of five rough sketches, came without any identification; however, KinoLRB, curator of the fine RS gallery Celluloid Central, at once recognized the strange look in the eyes and traced down the cut for me. Three sketches show her face rapidly closing on the viewer. Featured is the fullest and most dramatic, with the other two in the thumbs. Two others in the set (not imaged here but included in the reanimation in the next item) show her face moved toward the upper right corner, as she makes her pounce.

The use of white paper and the overall dramatic style suggest that the sketches are “foul papers” or discards from an animator’s ongoing work, perhaps the inbetweener responsible for providing the action connecting the keyframes. Notice the way that each begins from a set of intersecting vertical and horizontal lines, a normal way for an animator to begin drawing a face. You can also see faint blue lines that form the general outline of Sango’s face and hair, which have later been worked up in more detail on top of this preliminary work..

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