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Tohru and Yuki watching for the sunrise
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1 END, B1 END
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Added 3/16/2017
Updated 3/16/2017
Episode 9 (A Solitary New Year), cut 260. In the early morning of the new year, Tohru and Yuki (and Kyo too, but you can’t see him) are sitting on the roof of the Sohma estate, waiting to see the sunrise and make a wish. This tome image begins with a long pan from the left, showing the horizon and the woods around the Sohma property before focusing on the two characters’ faces.

Tohru has the hint of a blush on her face, because the two guys have opted out of the Zodiac members’ traditional New Year’s party to stay home with her. Yuki is sitting with his head in his hands with an unusually thoughtful expression on his face as he watches the horizon. He’s pondering over about how much Tohru’s arrival has already changed the dynamics of the Jūnishi.

Featured above is a nice rough sketch by the episode’s animation director, Yoko Kadokami [門上 洋子], a wide-ranging animator who began as a gengaman for the Macross and Gundam sagas. She served as animation director for a variety of series, including Tenshi ni Narumon (Ep. 11) and Samurai 7 (Ep. 2). Her most extensive work, however, was on the highly-regarded 2002 series The Twelve Kingdoms, for which she supervised animation for seven episodes.

Sketch sets were frequently broken up and sold as individual sketches during Furuba’s peak popularity, so it is nice to find one that is nearly complete. This set, lacking only the layout, included the rough featured above, plus the A1 and B1 gengas and dougas, a shuusei genga of Tohru, and the timing sheet. I’ve added the B1 END genga and douga of the Yuki layer in the thumbnails.

The genga had a long strip of paper taped on to the left to accommodate the long pan, and you can see some yellowing from the high-acid adhesive of the celotape on that edge. However, the rough and dougas were normal-sized and in perfect condition.

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