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Mizuki in a yukata
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1 END
Oversize, 12.5W x 16.75H

No Background

Added 1/26/2017
Episode 6, cut 157. The focus of this episode is a summertime matsuri (Shinto shrine festival) that the group are planning to attend that evening. Nanase, the group’s “senior” and protector surprises the girls with a set of yukatas, loose-fitting gowns that are traditionally worn to such events. The first to be featured is Mizuki’s outfit, shown in a slow upward pan.

It is interesting that, in the final footage, the image was digitally blurred, to accent its dreamlike colors and contours. However, the sketches were executed in careful, realistic detail. Featured is a beautiful genga, done not on white but on light magenta paper. The thumbs add the layout and a preliminary rough that is probably the work of episode animation director Takashi Shiokawa (塩川 貴史). This artist worked as a gengaman for the Sabre Marionette J saga as well as for Mobile Suit Gundam franchise before moving up to the episode animation director level. Notably he served as sakkan for seven episodes of Princess Tutu and continues to receive assignments, most recently for Bodacious Space Pirates and Heaven’s Lost Property.

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