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Grimm’s Fairy Tales: The Golden Bird (Madhouse, 1984)

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Booklet: Part 1
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Added 1/22/2017
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The first part of the plot introduces the central cast and predicament: The Golden Bird awakens a powerful Witch, then steals a series of golden apples from a palace garden. The king has three sons, all of them somewhat dull-witted, but the two elder ones are lazy and arrogant, while the youngest (Hans) is good hearted if not clever. He spies the Golden Bird and knocks off one of its feathers with a well-aimed arrow.

The King at once sends all three out to capture the Bird, while the Witch, angered at the loss of the feather, vows revenge on the archer.

Hans soon finds himself (as usual) doing all of his brothers' hard work. He makes friends with Lulu, the magical fox they meet, but soon afterwards the two fall into a nearly bottomless crack in the earth.

The page contains a useful list of the main characters (second thumb).

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