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Grimm’s Fairy Tales: The Golden Bird (Madhouse, 1984)

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Booklet: Parts 3 and 4
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Added 1/22/2017
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In the last sections of the plot, Hans returns to the Witch's lair with the Princess, but chooses not to surrender her. Instead, he defies her evil minions, using his sword to annihilate her Storm-Trooperesque robots. In the end, the Witch is defeated and returned to her original form (a twisted tree). Meanwhile, Lulu is disenchanted from his fox form and revealed to be the Princess's long-lost brother.

The final page (second thumb) shows the lavish banquet that ends the film. The lyrics are (I think) those of the ED song, a delightfully bouncy piece with funny animation showing the feisty Princess chasing Hans with a broom.

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