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Natsuki: “something special”
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1 END
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Added 11/26/2016
Updated 11/26/2016
Episode 12, cut 223. The holy priest whom the bounty hunters are guarding praises Natsuki her keeping her composure during an attack and comments “I sense something special about you.” This surprises the nekomata-half and makes her turn and stare at him, wondering if his remark is sincere or if it has some second meaning.

Indeed it might, for at a later moment the priest realizes that Natsuki has had a locating device planted on her by the baddies, and so she is the unwitting cause of the repeated attacks made on them. On the other hand, fans of the entire series sense that she really is “something special” with powers that can control the time/space continuum on which her world rests. In any case, the silent A1 tome image that results is extraordinary, a tribute to the care with which the studio’s animators envisioned her.

Featured above is a lovely near-complete shuusei genga, probably by episode animation director Kazuo Takigawa. The well-crafted but much less impressive genga it reworked is added in the first thumb. The set included a copy layout (second thumb) which is even clunkier, showing how really eyeworthy images often had to be generated out of the most mundane first drafts.

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