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Karada at the fast food restaurant
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 9/30/2016
Updated 10/31/2016
Cut 57. Karada, still disoriented and unsure what to do next, wanders into a fast food restaurant for breakfast. The attendant asks for her order, and in response she muzzily counts the modest amount of money she’s brought with her to see what she can afford.

This cut features one of those three-quarters profiles that this series favored and executed in such lovely ways. I’ve featured the genga again, a strong effort. But take a moment to visit the thumbs to see how it was put together. The first thumb is a classic rough by Animation Director Ryoichi Oki, who liked to use orange pencil at the first stages of drawing. See how the whole outline of the head and shoulders was roughed out with that orange pencil, then the face refined in graphite.

The second thumb, though a partial shuusei, does such a lovely job with Karada’s eyes that it is well worth a visit too. See how successful Senior Animation Director Shinya Hasegawa was with that blessedly difficult left eye, with all its perspective and foreshortening problems.

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