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Shatta comes dashing up.
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Oversize, 14W x 9.25H

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Added 9/15/2016
Cut 1004. The Hunters’ plot to capture Palme for the sake of the precious Egg he carries results (as always) in disaster for them, and Shatta, sword drawn, comes dashing forward to view the resulting catastrophe.

This rough, featured above, combines the start and finish images of this short cut. The first thumb adds an earlier version of this cut. Notice that both the sword and the knife in Shatta’s belt are much too small. A partial shuusei of the featured sketch is added as the thumbnail. While the later sketch was a step in the right direction, the supervisor spends a lot of time getting Shatta’s costume and accessories exactly right.

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