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Hyper Police Sketches: Natsuki (and Sakura)

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Natsuki offers Sakura some dry cat food: AΟ
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: AO
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Added 5/14/2016
Updated 5/14/2016
And here Natsuki pulls her hand out (the jacket flies back in reaction) and blinks for a moment.

Again Minami’s shuusei genga is featured. This image was a planned inbetweener image, signaled here with an empty circle after the letter. The rejected genga (see the thumbnail) uses a triangle for the same reason, it being customary to put a triangle around the sequence numbers of such planned inbetweeners on the douga. Interestingly, such planned inbetweeners are normally sketched in roughly to give the douga artist a general indication of what pose to produce, but in this case both the gengaman and the animation director worked up sketches as detailed as the two keyframes.

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