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Reki and Hikari hurry home
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A10, B7, C10
Standard size
Opening Cel

Key Cel
Copy Matching Background

Added 2/11/2016
Updated 12/28/2016
After some intervening cuts showing the other Old Home Haibane, we see Reki and Hikari hurrying back from the Market on Reki’s scooter. This way is quicker than walking home, but Hikari obviously feels that they could go a little faster, so she’s eagerly reaching for the throttle (on the left handlebar) to give the scooter more gas. Sequence numbers: A10, B7 (key), C10 (key)

Reki, prudently fingering the brake pedal on the other side, reacts with annoyance, and in the rest of the cut you see her turn toward the over-eager Hikari, making her back off with apologies. A series of rilezu were made from this funny scene, among them setups showing Reki turning and Hikari pulling back her hand, which was once owned by Whimsical Cels, but is now listed as “Sold,” and another (A-4, B-3, C-24) with Reki snarling and Hikari cringing in apology, owned by Doug’s Cels.

This, like my other Haibane Renmei rilezu, came with a “clean-up sketch” that took the three layers used for the original image and put them together onto one sheet, front and back. Apparently the original dougas, like the rest of the Radix production materials, were subsequently destroyed. No matter: this is such a great series, and so significant in anime history, that even post-production art is a precious link to the original animation.

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