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A Tree of Palme 1: Palme and Popo

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A Tree of Palme 1: Palme and Popo (Page 1)

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Intense Palme
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A4
Oversize, 14W x 9H

No Background

Added 2/11/2016
Updated 3/11/2017
Cut 1552. In one of the disturbing scenes of the film, Palme steals Shatta's sword in the night, and, playing warrior games with it, kills the little deerlike creature that was saved from the dinosaur. Then, in panic over the others' horrified reactions, he lies about it, not too skillfully. The death of the creature makes Popo distraught, and she lingers over the grave they have made for it, until the other travelers grow impatient to continue their quest.

Palme, awkwardly and not too tactfully, steps forward to try to get her to leave the aguri’s grave. "You didn't use to be like this," Popo bursts out. "Now you're strange!" Instinctively, Palme reacts with intense anger. (Acting out of human instinct, one might note.)

This cel nicely captures the ambivalence of this scene. Palme feels he has a right to be angry, as the saddened girl is holding up the quest. And yet he's already haunted by the guilt that his emerging humanity won't let him forget. Notice how his eyes don't quite focus.

This fine portrait was a "Secret Cel Santa" gift in 2015. Many thanks, Majinuub!

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