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Sakura ready for action: B4
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: B4
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Added 2/8/2016
Episode 13, cut 119. Tommy-kun and Sakura (disguised as a lowly peasant) successfully talk their way through the checkpoint guarded by the baddies. However, a suspicious noise from under the hay they’re hauling (from Natsuki’s troublesome cat bell) blows their cover. Sakura yanks off her disguise and tells Tommy-kun to floor the gas pedal of the hay truck.


I’ve featured the genga here, a dramatic image both in subject and in the intense sketching style. But be sure to visit the thumbnails for the simpler layout (first thumb) and for the very vivid rough (second thumb). Compared with the very fine line of the previous set of sketches, the roughs in this set have the broad “splashy” sketching style that I associate with the episode’s animation director Hiroshi Hara. You can view of number of these others, both in this gallery and in the companion gallery focusing on Natsuki.

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