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Rozen Maiden 3: Episode 11

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Shinku cornered by Suigintou
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Added 11/19/2015
Updated 4/10/2019
The situation grows desperate: in the N-space, Suigintou is gaining the upper hand in her Alice Game round with Shinku. Meanwhile, in Jun’s dream world her source of charisma is trapped in a world of his fears and begins to lose his power to protect the doll. Inevitably, in the other world Shinku begins to lose ground to Suigintou.

Finally, the villainess blocks her opponent’s path with a fence of crow feathers and slyly comments, “I’m tired of playing Tag: let’s play another game, now.” This image, emphasized by a slow zoom in, appears just before the eyecatch.

This colorful and intense shuusei rough is in the distinctive style of senior animation director Kumi Ishii. It is an arresting image, Shinku’s face showing a complex mix of anger and growing recognition of the dangerous situation she now faces. It makes a telling contrast with episode animation director Kimiko Tamai’s rough (see thumbnail). That is technically good, as with all the roughs this talented artist did for this episode and the others she handled (Eps. 2 and 6).

Just too over-the-top mad. Shinku faces her better enemy with undisguised loathing, of course, but this important image needed to show both anger and dawning recognition that, like it or not, Suigintou is likely to win this round.

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