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Shigure barks at Kyo
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2
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Added 11/10/2015
Updated 9/27/2018
Episode 2, cut 16. Through an accident that was bound to happen, Tohru witnesses all three Sohmas transform into their animal forms. Then, to her mystification, they all begin talking to each other as humans. Seeing Tohru’s surprise, Shigure temporarily pretends to be a real dog again, responding to Kyo’s verbal complaints with a simple bark.

Featured here is the fine A2 genga, with the original layout in the first thumb and an effective rough in the second.

This cut shows an unusual amount of discussion, which (from similar sets of sketches from Asatte no Houkou) I interpret as discussion between episode director Suzuki and animation director Sokabe. The cut, like the next one, was inspired by a frame in Takaya-sama’s manga:

Seems simple enough, but director Suzuki wanted to give it some extra zip by having Shigure/Dog’s head pop up into the frame, bark, then drop down a bit. That meant warning the animators to plan ahead on how far apart his jaws would be as he gives his big bark. This was communicated in a genzu or planning sketch on pink paper, filled with notes on what the animation needed to show:

Animation Director Sokabe contributed a very solid-looking rough sketch of Shigure/Dog in mid-bark (first thumb) but in fact his action required five gengas, two at the bottom of the frame, and three showing his head popping up, then dropping back a bit as he barks. And, as the layout shows, Yuki needed the animator’s attention, as he is riding on top of Shigure’s head in the preceding cuts. So when the dog’s head flips up, logically that would make the rat/mouse flip off his head backwards for an instant.

To see how this nearly subliminal bit of the action got planned out, see the next item.

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