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Yōsei Florence (Sanrio, 1985)

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Yōsei Florence being pulled away
Source: Movie
Layers: 2
No sketches available
Cel Number: A16, B16
Oversize, 13W x 10.5H

No Background

Added 11/5/2015
Updated 11/5/2015
Scene 8, cut 56, according to notes on the top of the cel. In one of the scenes, Florence’s fairy companions take exception to her growing affection for the human she has invited into their world. So they rather roughly gather and drag the two apart. Sequence numbers: A16 (Florence and the fairies holding her), B16 (green-haired grumpy fairy flying behind them).

Baka-Inu Cels has another pretty image from this cut.

It is interesting that the forms of Florence and her companions are painted entirely in white, with the color of their dresses and hair being airbrushed on the front of the cel. That, alas, exposed this delicate work to damage, and you can see where something rubbed against the cel and sadly removed a curvy line of the airbrushing.

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