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A Happy Embrace
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: B1, B2
Standard size

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Added 7/22/2015
Updated 8/26/2015
Cut 127. Her injury healed by Jun’s magic, Shinku drifts ecstatically into her “servant’s” arms.

This surprising development marks a big turning point in the series plot, and it’s one of relatively few moments when Shinku looks genuinely happy. The joy continues to the B2 key (see thumbnail), where she settles into Jun’s arms. That key, combined with the matching Jun image, was the basis of a fine rilezu now owned by Phoenix Cel Gallery.

This cut was planned as a single unit with the following Cut 129. It is a shame that it was broken up for sale after the rilezu was painted, and the the Jun side of the cut remains at large. (Maybe someday...) But Shinku is the focal point of these frames, and so, like Jun, I’m overjoyed to have these drift into my grasp.

This set came with the original studio cut bag, which included (a nice touch that I wish were more common) a little image of the storyboard frame to help identify the sketches that were forwarded inside:

Yet the animators don’t let such uncharacteristic moments of happiness last long for Shinku. Suigintou is still at large, and the Alice Game far from finished. And so the cut shows this gemstone-hard character almost immediately revert to type.

And at least one of the keys shows both partners. See the next item!

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