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Princess Emeraude in captivity
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1
Oversize, 26W x 12H

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Added 7/12/2015
Updated 9/27/2017
 photo MKR 19.004 a1_zpsoahljqxv.jpg

Episode 19 [Showdown! The Magic Knights Versus Zagato], cut 4. This monumental pan genga (67 cm x 31 cm or about 26” x 12”) comes from the very opening of this climactic episode, in which the Magic Knights finally confront Zagato, her (apparent) kidnapper. See how the sketch plans out a languorous pan, starting with the shape of Emeraude’s feet under the sheets, then slo-owly traveling up the curves of her body before focusing on her face.

The first thumbnail takes you closer into this final close-up. A shuusei (not imaged) gives her even longer, more glamorous eyelashes. Click the second thumbnail for a drastically miniaturized image of a rough genga or layout shuusei, equally monumental in size, which I assume is the work of Hideyuki Motohashi, the episode’s sakkan or animation supervisor.


This huge pan genga came up without a lot of fanfare at a time when MKR gengas were still coming on the market regularly and hadn't yet begun to appreciate rapidly. This was a real surprise to unpack: I thought I'd won an extreme facial closeup from the dealer's scan. When I finally got it, later on in August, I opened the bag and found the sketch inside was folded up. So I unfolded ... and unfolded ... and unfolded ... and unfolded, feeling like a junior-high kid who'd discovered his big bro's Playboy under the mattress. (Yes, the princess is fully clothed, but she's sexy nonetheless).

This item, once it was pressed to loosen up the creases and the toxic celotape was removed from the center, proved to be the star of an animation art exhibit I sponsored in September 2004 at my campus library. This sketch was happy (happier, IIRC, than the actual Princess Emeraude) to be liberated from her captivity and once again adored and treated like royalty.

Note: This display page replaces the original, uploaded on August 25, 2004 (1403 views), in order to replace the original scan with one that much better reproduces the sketch's actual condition. Even so, the tape burn is not as bad as the scan suggests.


Hideyuki Motohashi [本橋 秀之] supervised the animation for this and three other episodes (4, 9, and 14). He is best known as character designer and chief animation director of both Ayashi no Ceres and Fushigi Yugi.

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