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20.079 Noelle throwing a baseball
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Added 5/26/2015
Updated 6/10/2015

Noelle greets Mikael, and then turns to the invisible Raphael, which throws poor Kael for a loop. He looks all around, but the ball gets tossed back to Noelle by invisible hands. She keeps the game going by throwing the ball back to Hael-san.

This simple act likewise came with a full set of preliminary drawings and instructions, which I've animated above in a simple way. Again, I've brushed out the comments, but you can see one of the unaltered scans in the second thumb.

The first thumb shows one of the gengas that came with this set. On oversized paper, these worked out the perspective between Mikael, who ends up in front of Noelle in this cut.

The notes on the animated sheets read:


Have her look right at the ball and grasp it.




The arm still should have a feeling of going into the backswing.


If it’s crooked, then the elbow will turn out, causing the center of gravity to move and this kind of thing happens. It’s an awkward throw, isn’t it?


[No note]


[No note, but the voice bubble says "E-i!" presumably the noise Noelle makes when she throws.]


Sorry, it’s about Noelle’s throw, this may not be what we end up going with but... although I want to use some recoil/ backlash (as a result of the throw), having said that, I think we could maybe have her throw the ball without it so the ball could leave her hand in a droopy matter. (And the image is small, so I think larger movements would be more effective.) [The sense here is that Noelle has a somewhat "meh" style of throwing, and so instead of going zip, the ball goes "pyon" and has a droopy trajectory.]

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