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05.336: Yuusuke and Noelle meet Sara
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Added 5/21/2015
Updated 6/10/2015
This scene comes at the end of Step 5 (Not There, but Still There), which balances a slapstick plot with Noelle being abducted by tiny aliens with a much more serious one dealing with Sara's self-esteem issues. Here Yuusuke, blearily reviving from a catastrophe, is being re-introduced to Sara, who's decided to stay visible after all.

This very preliminary planning sketch (possibly a layout revision) shows many of the features of the genzus included as thumbnails to my sketch set of Papa, Mama, Baba, and Gabriel, also from Step 5. The first thumb gives a copy rough, the original drawing probably the work of Michinori Chiba, an up-and-coming animator for Studio Pierrot.

The second thumb gives a close-up of the note on the bottom of the featured image. It says: "Sorry, but please draw [this scene] like this." A smaller note to the right on Noelle says "She has shoes on."

This tells us that the genzu corrects a different conception of the pose on the layout and gives instructions to Chiba, who followed them in the rough.

Logically, such a direction would come from the episode's director, who in this case was Hiroshi Nishikiori, also the senior director for the series and the originator of its original concept. It could also be the work of senior animation director Hiromi Kato, but the style does not seem similar to other authenticated examples of his work.

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