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15.010: Mama plans breakfast
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Added 5/21/2015
Updated 5/29/2015
In this opening scene of Step 15 (Something That’s Too Far to Reach), Yuusuke and Noelle are late for school, and they dash past Mama. She's planning to make a special breakfast, but is visibly miffed when they decline and dash off out the door.

This time I've featured the copy rough, as the original layout (first thumb) has only a rough outline of Mama's head. The sketch came with several other copy roughs, all in the same rough'n'ready style. The originals, probably, were the work of episode animation director Keiichi Ishikura.

The second thumb focuses on the note at the bottom of the layout, which says, "For the diagonal highlights of the inner window, it’s OK to have white flying pretty much everywhere when you paint them in." [I'd guess because the cel image of Mama will make most of this part of the background invisible to the audience.]


This interesting episode, which focuses on Sara's emerging love for Mikael, was directed by Nanako Shimazaki, a hard-working and versatile artist who did storyboarding and episode direction for a wide variety of series. Beginning as a production assistant for Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, she contributed to Trigun, Chobits, Fushigi Yuugi, Monster, Rozen Maiden, and Texhnolyze, among others.

Keiichi Ishikura, animation director for this episode, was a veteran of the influential early Ah My Goddess! OAV and movie (gengas) and also character designer/executive animation director for the Key the Metal Idol OAV. Ishikura continued to work after the change-over to CGI, providing episode animation direction for Full Moon o Sagashite and Kaleido Star among others. He was character designer for Tenchi Muyo! GXP and character designer/chief animation director for Android Ana MAICO 2010.

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