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15.066: The Angel Statue
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Added 5/21/2015
Updated 5/29/2015
This iconic feature of the Tennimon landscape will play a much bigger role later. Here it's given the spotlight in a scene in which Yuusuke is trying to settle down the new transfer student, Muse.

It is interesting that this statue had not yet been given final form. The layout featured gives one fairly conventional design, while the layout revision in the first thumb shows a move toward an alternative design. The final form (seen in the screen cap) shows the angel as more sinister, lowering over the passers-by.

The note on the bottom of this sketch says, "The characters are fairly far away from the statue." [That tells the artist to spend extra time on this part of the image, as it won't be blocked by any of the cel images.]

But s this cut develops, inserts of Yuusuke, Noelle, and a tearful Muse do flash up on the screen over the angel. With these sketches came several copy roughs (of originals probably by the episode's animation director, Keiichi Ishikura). I've worked these copy sketches into a rough animation that shows how this effect would work:

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