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17.018: Papa explains the red thread
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Added 5/21/2015
Updated 5/29/2015
In the opening scene of this episode, Papa fascinates Noelle with the story of how those fated to be romantic partners are tied to each other with a mystic red string. Here he strikes a dramatic pose, pinky extended.

Featured is a copy rough Though a photocopy, it clearly shows the distinctive features of Kazumi Ikeda's very clean sketching, as well as her usual way of labeling the cut number. Notice how dark the sheet is: Ikeda's sketches are always very faint, meaning that the copier had to set the machine very dark to get the copy to come out so clearly.

This came with the much more impressionistic autograph layout (see thumb). The note on that sketch says, "Softer streaks. Different from those used in cut 16." That refers to a similar background used for an earlier dramatic pose by Papa and Noelle, where the stripes of color were more vibrant and had harder edges.

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