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17.024: Yuusuke in the living room
Source: TV
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Added 5/21/2015
Updated 5/30/2015
Noelle, hearing Yuusuke come down, calls him over to explain what she's learned about the course of true love.

This layout shows the zany decoration of the family's living room. (The 07.10 layout, which came with the same lot, might have been pulled out for reference to go with this one). It too was accompanied by a copy rough, much less detailed than the last one but showing where the characters' forms would be placed in the final animation.

The little note at the bottom (second thumb), accompanied with a fey little cat-face icon, says, "Living Room. There is a settei page for this room."

A blue-penciled note on Yuusuke's form just says, "He pretty much stands still" [and so the part of the room behind him does not need to be done in as much detail as that on the right side of the layout].

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