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17.053: Noelle attaches the red thread
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Added 5/21/2015
Updated 5/28/2015
Yuusuke and Noelle go to school, where she finds a ball of red string and happily uses it to tie together their little fingers. This attracts the attention of their annoying classmates Masaru and Shinobu, who promptly obsess over this budding romance.

This is the first in a related series of distinctive sketches that seem to be art boards rather than layouts. These give directions to the background painters and ensure that the scenes shown behind the cels show continuity with the design of the settings. You can see that the characters and general scene are roughed out very generally in graphite, and then the details to be shown in the background are worked up more specifically in bright blue pencil. (The art boards that I have from Mushishi and Princess Tutu show an identical process.)

It is not clear who the artist of these drawings is -- and the graphite and blue-pencil parts might be by different artists. But the art director for Tenshi ni Narumon was Chikako Shibata, and this artist may be responsible for the blue-pencil parts, and certainly supervised this stage of work. Shibata began as a background artist for the classic Tezuka movie Unico in the Island of Magic, then served as art director for a large number of series, including Chobits, Fruits Basket, Getbackers, Honey and Clover, the Higurashi saga, and Rozen Maiden.

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