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17.066: Natsumi all attention
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Added 5/21/2015
Updated 5/30/2015
In the middle of Noelle's red-string celebration, Natsumi enters the classroom, and the featherbrain dashes up to her, dragging her partner of destiny behind. Excitedly, she tells her elder about the string and what it signifies.

It's worth comparing the art board with the screen cap to see how this setting developed. In the first version, there was a window behind her left shoulder and a rather complicated perspective out into the hallway behind her right one. All this was simplified in the mix.

But one thing that was kept unchanged is the odd off-kilter perspective, tilted dramatically to the left. This device is often used in anime to signify mental confusion. This might be due to Yuusuke's reaction to being dragged around, for we see him at one point lying semi-conscious on the floor. But why should Natsumi's exchange with Noelle be off-kilter?

Unless Noelle's avid demonstration of her unbreakable bond to Yuusuke, on some level, makes Natsumi uneasy and a little jealous? A subtle device, but an effective one.

The notes at the top say (left) "Classroom" and (right) "Ceiling under the eaves of the roof." The longer note at the bottom (see thumb) reads; "The last shot is around here. In the next cut her head will be completely facing Noelle. Here, please have her facing about half way [i.e., towards Noelle]."

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